Quality organization

Customer Expectation drives free scale Quality Management programs and processes to help ensure satisfaction in every aspect of our relationship. The corporate quality leadership team defines quality strategy, quality goals, improvement approaches and initiatives, which are then reviewed by the corporate leadership team for validation and resource commitment. Executive quality reviews are chaired by the CEO with the participation of his direct reporting staff and led by the VP of Quality. Monthly meetings are held to review key quality results, the status of quality initiatives and new improvement opportunities.

Free scale is organized in a matrix structure with technology divisions supply chain organizations, corporate sales teams organized by regions and corporate support functions. The Free scale Quality organization is led by the VP of Quality and it it is structured in the following way:

  • Quality labs are comprised of product analysis labs, reliability labs and calibration labs.
  • Quality System helps to ensure compliance of our quality processes and certification to standard such as ISO 9001:2008.
  • The Quality organization is global and provides support in each region of the world to help ensure high quality standards are met.

Quality Policy

We are committed towards Providing Quality Civil Construction Services for achieving Customer Delight in time, every time abiding regulation. We are committed for continual improvement in progress performance with the help of trained & motivated personnel and by review of the Quality Management System.

Environment Policy

We are committed to protect the environment by minimizing pollution and waste; optimize fuel consumption for continual improvement in environmental performance. Eco-efficient technologies will be promoted. We comply with all applicable legal requirements.

Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to ensure that no harm is caused to anybody due to nonconforming to the safety measures. Nationally accepted best practices are adopted by complying with applicable Workmen’s Compensation legislation and other requirement. To ensure continual improvement, all hazards are identified, associated risks are evaluated and controls implemented and monitored.