Heavy Civil Construction

MPS Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. is one of the skilled and paramount companies in the field of heavy civil construction. Since its origin one decade ago it has executed numerous projects successfully.

We have learnt and grown from our experiences and today our business has grown from roads construction to highway construction, bridges construction to Rifineries and runways building. We have worked in several parts of the country under various climatic conditions.

Every project is unique in terms of its technical and managerial aspects and we have been successful in completing each and every one of them. We owe our success to the hardwork and dedication of our team members.

Our experience in the field of construction has prepared a solid foundation for us to grow further and we are working towards accomplishing new and more challenging tasks with:

  •         Highways
  •         Bridges
  •         Dams
  •         Power Station
  •         Cement Plants
  •         Refineries
  •         Runways